An early history on Toyota Dyna Truck

 Dyna is a small, yet normal truck made by Toyota. It is rooted on RK52 truck. After generation 3, it was developed with Daihatsu, but it terminated its development. Hino industry started develpment after generation 7. In 1959 - 1963, K70 - 160 was introduced. A lot of users claimed the difficulties to differentiate between its bonnet and semi-cab over type. So Toyota gathered their nicknames, and as a result, Stout was chosen for bonnet type, and Dyna was selected for semi-cab over type. In 2nd generation, K170 series were introduced. Before then, Elf truck of Isuzu got an absolute popularity and Dyna was behind it. But since this generation, Dyna got the No.1 position back again in truck share. In 3rd generation, U10 series were introduced and that was the most successful one with the cooperation with Daihatsu.
  That was an early history of Dyna truck. Time by time, Dyna truck became “twins” with Toyoace. Hope I can introduce that aspect as well later on. See you in the next article!